We’re bringing media
buying into the
21st century
Designed with Simplicity In Mind
Yet Packed Full Of Cutting-edge Technology

Take the guesswork out of buying traditional media with our industry-leading technology. This is media buying the way it should be.


MEDIA x SCIENCE sheds light on your online and offline media investments, showing you exactly what’s working and what’s not working. We’re taking media buying into the 21st century by giving you actionable data that you can use to optimize your campaigns and measure impact across all media channels.


Using the industry’s most advanced market research tools


With our proprietary data management platform and Market Conduit Technology


With direction from our in-house creative strategy team


Using our in-depth Multi-Attribution Platform


On interactive dashboards featuring 100% transparency


They all come together on the MEDIA X SCIENCE platform.


We didn’t just stumble on the name MEDIA X SCIENCE. It’s our short way of telling you who we are and what we do.

Using the most advanced research and behavioral tools available for online AND offline media investments, we identify your future customers, create a multi-level, multi-media strategy to reach them, and execute with effective creative messaging from our in-house team of creatives. Once that’s in the bag, we measure your impact, report your results in a fully transparent format available 24/7, then test, learn, and refine. Ingenious. Or, as we like to call it, “The best bang for your buck.”


Our experienced team of media experts is ready to provide you with a full range of media services, from market research and creative strategy to campaign reporting. We’ll use our technology platform to design, manage, and optimize your campaign for you.

We use exclusive market research directories for campaign planning (many of which cost more than $10,000 for a license). That means that our campaigns benefit from insider data that’s out of reach for most companies. We feed this data into our proprietary technology to hone-in on any audience subset.

  • ○ Market research
  • ○ Media planning
  • ○ Audience identification

Once you’ve identified your audience, you need to find the right channels to reach them. We combine our media research with our Market Conduit Technology (MCT) to find the best media channels for your campaign. Our media activation expertise covers the full range of available channels, including programmatic (display, TV, social media, digital/mobile), Conventional/Specialty TV, radio, print, and out-of-home.

  • ○ Channel selection
  • ○ Media Buying
  • ○ Ad execution

We love data. But we know that it can’t solve every problem. Creativity is important too. Let our creative strategy team scope out your campaign from ideation to implementation.

  • ○ Copywriting / editing
  • ○ Design / illustration
  • ○ Production

Our custom-designed data management platform gives you access to actionable campaign data. We can slice and dice data to find the story that matters, classifying results by channel, goal/KPI, and audience segment.

  • ○ Sorting campaign data
  • ○ Tracking progress toward goals / KPIs
  • ○ Managing audience segments

The campaign data that we collect gives us an unprecedented level of insight into campaign performance and impact. We can pull campaign data from our data management platform to analyze brand engagement, ad performance, and user behavior, which is particularly useful for retargeting high quality leads.

  • ○ Measure brand engagement
  • ○ Analyze & optimize ad performance
  • ○ Location-based targeting / re-targeting

Get accurate and meaningful data about your campaign. We’ll show you the true impact and ROI of each aspect of your campaign, with full attribution modeling for both online and offline media.

  • ○ Campaign results/ ROI reporting
  • ○ Accurate online / offline attribution
  • ○ Customizable reports and dashboards


We combine the media industry’s most up-to-date and accurate sources of data with your real-time campaign data and plug them into our proprietary marketing technology platform. We’ve worked with some of the media industry’s best data scientists to develop technology to turn this data into actionable intelligence.

Here’s just a preview of what we can do:

  • ○ Personalize your marketing approach with behavioral categorization
  • ○ Access a pre-filtered programmatic inventory to find the best ROI
  • ○ Target specific areas with geofencing and location-based targeting
  • ○ Detect and block fraudulent activity
  • ○ Re-target high-quality leads
  • ○ Benchmark your campaign
  • ○ Optimize with mid-course corrections
  • ○ Attribute actions to desired outcomes
  • ○ Measure ROI for online and offline campaigns

In short, we call our unique process MEDIA x SCIENCE because we’re applying an evidence based approach to planning and buying for every type of media. It’s a novel approach that reveals new and exciting opportunities daily.

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